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June 10, 2023
The Rovin’ Pebbles gathered at the Oasis Pool on April 12th to enjoy the our annual Pool Party.
Our party, hosted by your board, welcomed approximately thirty-six (36) club members. It gave us an opportunity to say “goodbye” to our winter “snowbirds” and “hello” to the spring.
“The turnout was great,” said club president Ken Duvall. “The weather and venue were perfect. I want to thank all the volunteer members who helped make this pool party a success.”
Our hosts had to make a last minute pivot when they found out the BBQ grills would not be available due to repairs. That didn’t stop the Rovin’ Pebbles, as they quickly shifted to a Mexican food theme. It was a true example of our club tradition of resiliency, flexibility, and creativity.
Members brought side dishes and their beverages of choice to enjoy with a unique and bountiful tacos, enchiladas, deserts and fixings. Again in our tradition, no one left hungry.
You can’t have a pool party without taking the plunge. Some brave hearts even took the challenge and enjoyed the refreshing cool water. Others just dipped their toes.
“We had so much fun meeting our new members,” said Julie Magsamen. “It was a splash!”
Keep Rovin’!


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