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Rovin’ Pebbles to rally in Quartz

It is time once again for the annual Rally in Quartzsite. The Rovin’Pebbles will rally in Quartz, Arizona from January 23-27.

For those of you who are new to the club, every year, Quartzsite hosts a HUGE rally for RVers of all types.  They erect a HUGE (excuse my redundancy) circus tent covering booths for all kinds of RV related vendors and organizations. 

See attached link for more information.

Our club will arrive on January 23 and leave on January 27th.  We will stay at Tumbleweed RV Park  (formerly Rose RV Park).

Most of us will boondock (no hookups), although some hookup sites may still be available at Tumbleweed, or sites at other nearby locations may be available.  No reservations are needed at Tumbleweed for boondocking. For hookups at Tumbleweed, I couldn't get the online part to work so you will need to call them, and soon.

Dry camping is $10/Daily or $35/weekly,

according to the website.

If you are interested in going with us, please respond to wagon master Richard Anderson at right away so we can plan for coffee and snacks quantities and begin assigning items for the traditional potluck dinner.

We will provide more information soon.

Keep Rovin’!


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