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Our Calendar..

The Rovin' Pebbles sponsor caravans, rallies and social events each year. Below are our scheduled calendar for 2023.

If you are interested in participating in any of these events, please mark your calendar,  contact the wagon master or event host.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the club, click HERE.

Quartzsite  (January)

The Rovin' Pebbles begin the New Year with a caravan to the Quartzsite RV & Gem Show in Quartzsite, Arizona in January. We will be boon docking in the desert.

If you are interested, contact our wagon masters, DK and Pam Loo.

rp- pebble_creek_tuscany club house.jpg

Happy Hour  (February)

The Rovin' Pebbles welcome in the New Year with a Happy Hout at Toscanas Bar & Grill. Come joins us and catch up with your friends.

For more information, contact XZ for more details.

RP- Catalina-State-Park_mountains.jpeg

Catalina Mountains  (March)

The Rovin' Pebbles head to majestic Catalina State Park just north of Tuscon.

If you are interested, contact our wagon masters Hal and Marilyn Becker for details.

RP-Oasis Pool.jpg

Fiesta Pool Party (April) 

Come join us as we enjoy some tacos, burritos and great sides at the Oasis Pool. Just bring a beverage of choice, a side dish and your smile. interested in joining us?


Contact our event coordinator, XX, for more information.

rp- lake pleasant.jpeg

Lake Pleasant (April)

The Rovin' Pebbles will rally at nearby Lake Pleasant.. We will set sail and cruise this beautiful lake. We might even see some wild donkeys!

If you are interested, contact our wagon masters........

rp- pinetop- lake- balloons.jpeg

Rally in the Pines!  (August)

The Rovin' Pebbles head to the top of White Mountain in northeast Arizona. Get out of the summer heat of the valley as we rally at 7,000 feet above sea level. Join us in the Ponderosa Pines of Pinetop.

If you are interested, contact our wagon masters Len and Julie Magsamen at 210-862-1717.


Welcome Back Happy Hour  (November)

The snow birds are back!  Let's renew friendships and catch up on our summer adventures.

at the Toscanos Bar & Grill.

For more information, contact XX.

rp -alburq balloons.jpg

Albuquerque Balloon Festival (October)

The Rovin' Pebbles will caravan to Albuquerque to experience this world famous balloon festival. More than 700 balloons will fill the skies. It's a site to see!

If you are interested in joining us, contact our wagon masters, Ted & Debbie Blaine

photo- Christmas-tree-fireplace-wreath.jpg

Christmas Party (December)

The Rovin' Pebbles end the year with a dinner party in the Chianti Room on December. We will celebrate another successful year of memories. We also say thank you to our leaders and welcome the new 2024 board.

If you are interested in join our festive celebration, contact our event director, Ken Duval ...

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